Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Games Quilters Play

I made this quilt as a sampler of some free form piecing techniques. Its a fun quilt to make, and especially good if you are searching for a way to "free up" your creative side. There are; wavey nine patches, x's and o's, string pieces and wonky flying geese. The parts can be put together in many different ways, and each quilt in the workshop is "one of a kind".
I called it Games Quilters Play, because it reminded me of a Parcheesi game board, and its all about play.
The fabric story for this one is stripes and dots, either black on a coloured background or colours on a black background.


  1. Hi Barb! So lovely to see your work again! Hope all is well with you. Are you available to teach Not Just Another Log Cabin? If so I will let our workshop coordinator know and Maureen might be interested.
    Keep well. Dianne

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