Monday, June 29, 2009

Quilt Workshops

My new favourite quilt class to teach is called "Not Just Another Log Cabin". In the class, we spend the early hours experimenting and inventing new ways and new colour arrangements for log cabin blocks. The second part of the workshop is spent "running" with a favourite idea, or result of the experimentation. All quilts made by participants are unique and self designed.
The quilt pictured here is called "Hi!" and was inspired by a beautiful striped ikat textile from Guatemala. The quilt is a sort of ultra-enlarged version of the inspiration fabric, and was constructed in large stripes to emphasize the linear feel of the original. It is made using the basic log cabin form, a central fabric surrounded by strips, or "logs" to make blocks.

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  1. Hi Barb,
    Love your work ~ especially 'not just another log cabin' When and where will you be conducting a workshop in that technique? I would love to participate.
    I have started quilting again just a tiny bit, after such a long time. I am back in the Whistler Guild and it is great to be with such a wonderful group of people. They have always inspired me. Mid September we will be in a workshop at Whistler with Janet Bolton, from Britain. She is my absolute favourite primitive quiltmaker. I can hardly wait. Hope you are well and happy. You can find me at nothing Love to hear from you. ~ Jane